Slate place mats revived

I was having a bit of a mad cleaning session at the week-end, when I noticed how shabby my natural slate place mats where looking. After many hours of use they had accumulated lots of stains on them from things like curry, chilli, wine etc. that would not wash off with water or detergents. The mats had also gone very dull with like a white powdery film on them. So I asked my husband what I could do to restore them to their former glory. He came up with the brain wave of lets try Leather Genie balsam!

So we carefully applied it to the first place mat and WOW what a difference, completetly restored, even better than when they were first bought. We then tried pouring water on it to simulate wine spillage (well it would be a waste of good wine) and found the Leather Genie balsam had provided a waterproof coating, so the water just stayed in beads on the surface ready to wipe up with a cloth, leaving the place mat looking just as good as before the spill.

I know what I will be using from now on to keep my slate place mats in pristene condition – Leather Genie balsam of course!! How could I now consider anything else.