New life to green leather boots

Went to Ascot fashion fair last year and a nice lady polished my shoes with Leather Genie. Took her maybe 30 seconds max. Impressive shine with no buffing. So I bought some. Next I saw a stall selling olive green shoes and said they were lovely but what about green polish. She said I didn’t need polish as beeswax would do. I have used beeswax polish on furniture and it takes ages to buff up. far too stiff and thick for shoes.

Well I got home and got out my beloved but very scruffy olive green boots. They look like they’ve been worn by an 8 year old in the playground. I gave them a very brief swipe with your stuff and now they look new. No effort. No buffing. Just a new looking pair of my favourite boots. Amazing! I photographed them. I spent about 10 seconds on them. The before and after shots are impressive. The scuffing was as bad on both feet and I forgot to photo both before I launched into what I imagined would be a lengthy process. No! the colour just came back in a second. Magic indeed!
I went to the ascot xmas faire and bought stuff for all the male relatives. They are impressed too.

I don’t often praise a product because most don’t deserve it. This does. It’s amazingly good. Hardly any needs to be used! Thank you to the lovely lady in ascot for cleaning my shoes so well and thank you for the tub I bought which has transformed my fave boots
yours sincerely
Helen George

Leather Footwear Cleaning, Feeding, Reconditioning