Classic Car Seats Restored

Dear Darren,
My Name is Jeremy Bass and I am the Managing
Director of the Laceby Village Motor Car Company.

LVMCC specialise in providing our clients with high quality vehicles to their exacting requirements. Our typical clients are busy professionals and people in business who prefer not to spend all of their free time looking at cars, and driving from garage to garage in search of the perfect vehicle. Here at the Laceby Village Motor Car Company we do not fit people to the cars we have to sell, in fact it’s quite the reverse, we do the searching through our trusted sources to find the exact vehicles our clients require.

We tested the product on two vehicles with Leather Car Interiors. The first being a 1997 Morgan Plus 8 and the second a 1989 Bentley Turbo R (Ex Sultan of Brunei vehicle).

When we were asked to try out Leather Genie™ we had to be sure that it met our high standards and that we would be happy to recommend it to our clients as our endorsement reflects on us as a company.

We first applied the Leather Genie™ Cleaner. We followed the instructions using a wet sponge and a small amount of the concentrated cleaner. We then cleaned the light car seats in the Morgan Plus 8. The product removed considerable amounts of dirt and grime. We were also impressed that the cleaner caused no reaction with the surface of the leather and caused no adverse reaction with the dyes in the leather.

We then tested your Leather Genie™ Balsam on the dark grey interior of the Bentley. We used very small amounts on a dry sponge, as recommended, and were amazed by the new look sheen and lustre that was returned to the ageing Bentley seats. After about 30 minutes it appeared that the product had penetrated the leather skin, leaving the surface grease free and I was confident enough to sit on the seats in my light beige trousers that I was wearing on the day.

I am confident to recommend your product to owners of cars with leather interiors and I wish you all the success with these great products.

Kind Regards
Jeremy Bass
y Village Motor Car Company

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Classic Care Leather Seat Cleaning